Wednesday, July 15, 2015

1953 Checker Model A3

In 1953 Checker again re-engineered the Model A to produce the Model A6 taxi and Model A7 pleasure car. The most significant change was in the rear roof passenger area. The entire roof was raised to improve rear headroom clearance, the resulting change squaring up the appearance of the rear section. Other changes to the Model A6 taxi included the introduction of fibreglass, plastic and vinyl and linoleum floors in the passenger compartment. These changes allowed taxi operators to hose down the interiors nightly for hygiene purposes.


1953-1954 Model A6

Introduced in the fall of 1952 the design was a continuation of the Model A4.  That said, there were significant changes made warranting a model change. Easy identifiers:

- Vertical 40 box egg crate grille eliminated in place a five horizontal bars

- Rear roof section increased in height in order to improve passenger headroom

Operating in Time Square NYC the A6 is sandwiched between two taxi workhorses the lumbering Desotos

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