Monday, July 6, 2015

Checker’s Last Dealership

In the December 1957 issue of ATA (American Taxicab Association) magazine a small press release headlined “Checker Sales Rep Established in D.C.”, the release noted that “this move is another in a series of steps undertaken by Checker Cab Sales Corporation to achieve representation in new areas where a demand for its product has been created”. Over the next three years similar press releases would convey the same message, all part of a broader strategy to introduce Checker to the consumer car market nationally in the 1960 model year. 


Still active in the  Checker trade, we owe a lot to Eric Lachmann for being a key supplier over the last 20 plus years helping all keep their Checkers on the road

In 1959 Long Island businessman Mickey Lachmann opened up a used car lot on Long Island, New York. The young Mr. Lachmann was just starting out and would soon be looking for other opportunities.  By 1962 Checker’s top sales year, Mr. Lachmann would obtain a Checker franchise and name it: Turnpike Checker. Over the next 20 years Mr. Lachmann would sell about 20 cars a year.  Loyal to Checker,  Mr. Lachmann and his family would operated officially through 1983 performing warranty repairs. 

Michael Pincus, arriving for service on his new 1982 A11 Taxi, no it’s not a mirage

Unlike other dealers at the time who close their respective dealerships, the Lachmann’s just kept on going and they are still going today in the Checker trade!  Operated by son and Facebook Checker Cab group member Eric Lachmann  the torch has been carried into the 21st century. Today, Turnpike still has limited supply of inventory and cars in stock!  The picture in this Newsletter were taken by Facebook friend Michael Pincus back in March, thanks Michael for sharing


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